mdpathy chat functions

mdpathy chat:

  • AJAX realtime conversations
  • Reworked email notifications
  • Fully new concept and design
  • Files Uploading
  • Embedded links with thumbnail, title, etc…
  • Emoji selector (using jsDelivr CDN to serve Emojis)
  • Pinned messages
  • Messages deleting
  • Messages editing
  • oEmbed YouTube, Vimeo, VideoPress, Flickr, DailyMotion, Kickstarter,, Mixcloud, SoundCloud and more
  • Message sound notification
  • Whole site messages notifications (User will be notified anywhere with a small notification window)
  • Mass messaging feature
  • Mentions feature
  • Bad words filter
  • Block user feature
  • Reactions to messages
  • Messages for Groups
  • Chat Rooms
  • Pinned conversations feature

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