This is the page where you can change your email address or change your password.

page is where you can opt out or opt back in to receiving email notifications for the following:

Activity: A member mentions you in an update using “@admin”

Activity: A member replies to an update or comment you’ve posted

Messages: A member sends you a new message

Friends: A member sends you a friendship request

Friends: A member accepts your friendship request

Groups: A member invites you to join a group

Groups: Group information is updated

Groups: You are promoted to a group administrator or moderator

Groups: A member requests to join a private group for which you are an admin

This page is where you can change the visibility level of any of your profile fields if the Site Admin has enabled the settings for the Members. The visibility options are: “Everyone”, “Only Me”, “All Members”, or “My Friends.”

in this page you can set your profile privacy.

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